If I'd have known it'd be this hellish

I'd have never chosen to become a soldier.

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I hope you get to feeling better. Hang in there, chickadee.

thank you so much friend i will try to be back soon ;-;

Well, I decided to do one of these on an actually friday for the first time, lmao. But yeah, Crappy edit, i know i suck don’t judge. I’m still learning how to edit properly and it’s still not working out the way I hope but yeah. Anyway, these are some people i’ve been rping with for awhile now, and adore them with all my being. A few of them i’ve talked to yet rarely interact with them rp wise, yet I decided to include them. All the people below are not only amazing and lovely roleplayers, but fantastic people with talents and the biggest hearts. I placed the names of both people I have come to know and those I love from afar.

♕. 0-K

0peram abweichen anaetheme auspicis bertfu brillenbar buretsensuka busui capitifaecem​ capriciousdesire​ captior​ careless-shadows​ combined-universes​ devouevenatrix​ dickssquad​ dontaskpeoplewhytheyeatpotatoes​ duirel​ femaletitantype​ friendly-sociopath​ horosuru​ humanloathe​ ikebukuros​ immundarex​ integered​ jasutisu​ kikennaai​ kirzcht​ kuro-kyuubi​ 

♕. L-Z

laceraalas messais mignonepees myhti nigrum—inanitas pactumanimus polymorphic-cynosure puppy-kun r-y-u-s-e-n-k-a reiiss reissed rustyeyed 
sapiensangelus sarxnous selfstatic shinjukustroll solusdelusor strawberrysakura teme-kun thraunes treulos u-r-a-m-u ushirokara vivaciousginger wings-of-liberation xfrigus 

I’m pretty positive that I should have added more of you lovely people to the list, yet my mind is else where at the moment and I couldn’t really think of any one else, though if i did miss anyone then I apologies greatly and offer you an apology cookie. *hands a batch of double chocolate chip*  

Anonymous asked: just a quick question i noticed that your theme isn't exactly like any one that hollywhood has made. how did you get it like that?

if i assume correctly, you mean the post boarder which is just a code you can add and modify to your liking from your code under entries.   


border:0px dashed {color:border};

You can easily change whether you would like an undefinable boarder like mine or something visible by changing “boarder;0px” to a higher number, the higher the number the thicker the boarder.

You can also change the consistency of your boarder by changing the word after your “px” to







or “double”


if you are referring to the placement of my description, that’s a simple matter of margins


and increasing or decreasing them to perfect your placement.  

hope i could be of help!

Anonymous asked: Ahhhh, amazing Jean and spectacular writing style. Uhm... Are you still active at the moment, though?

out; sorry friend, no I am not currently active but i plan to be some time in the future. gomen for any inconvenience anon ;-;

ᵈᵉʰᵒʳˢ* ʰ ᶤ ᵃ ᵗ ᵘ ˢ


 Hi everyone, I know I’ve been inactive for quite some time now and should have made a notice much earlier. No matter, I’m logging in now to notify my fellow er members that until I can find my muse for Jean he’ll be totally inactive. This may be a matter of weeks, or a matter of months, but my state of mental health will not allow me to connect with my muse. My sincere apologies to all of my partners to whom I owe threads, I am just lost with Jean at the moment, as well as myself.  If you would still like to keep in touch while I am away, my skype as well as my other blogs are available upon private request. Thank you for reading, and once again, I am sorry.



█⋮▌&—♕;   Glancing, sparing no sparse indignation did lie a genuine intrigue for the timbre brokered into dulled eardrums, echoing faint timbres leaking in unusual kindredship. Pursing coral plushes huff out a ghostly sigh whilst irises filled with oceans take in the lacking volume of the eating area — empty.  

     He was talking to her.  

                                                “… Why aren’t you eating?

☓| †*;        Pallid skin, so the compliments of the illness or emotion that provoked his sentiment, would wrinkle at the center of a creasing brow as he did lift his chin in her direction to purpose his bogus excuse with credibility as weak as it’s  owner’s churning stomach.                                                                  

                “Not hungry.’ 

  A full day of training to muster the appetite of an entire squad and it was still the answer he chose, perhaps in his simplicity.  Honesty merits a terrible liar.

(Source: treulos)

☓| †*;       Over a curling upper tier did displeasure express it’s self subtly sheathed in depict fatigue with chin resting in hand and food untouched. 

                                                              ❝   D’you want mine too?❞

Anonymous asked: How many followers do you have?


out; well honestly friend, i’m not sure. i’m stupidly sensitive about losing followers because i feel like I’ve personally done something to bother another person to the point where they couldn’t have me on their dashboard, so i have my follower count hidden.

baciossee asked: ❝Jean.❞ A gentle nudge to the fellow trainee's shoulder follows a whisper, repeating the name with a slightly raised voice when getting no response. A snore greets him in return and with furrowed brows he shoves harder against the boy's arm. ❝Jean, wake /up/! We're going to be late!❞ There's a sleepy swat at his face in response and rather than give up, he opts to instead do what any good friend would do: pushes Jean off the top bunk of the bed, and down onto the floor.

☓| †*;      Through haze of contented suspension between lucid dream and actual comprehension he had been only partially aware of grunts and nudges intended for his response. Exemplifying languor of someone vastly unacquainted with a soldiers routine, he had shrugged off enough of Marco’s easy prodding to have agitated anyone to their  impetuous lengths; yet were he fully awake it still would not have been anticipated via his cordial bunk mate. Of course he was afforded no time to anticipate any sort of nature as his crown cracked against the hardwood floor before his reflexes could wake him fully.


                                                                Freshly woken and still so eloquent.


「‘  ♘;;—       ❝Company it is.❞ He states with a jubilant grin, stretching his arms behind his head with a yawn. Weary, he is, but feels little need to sleep if Jean isn’t yet at least attempting to do the same. Leaving him alone with only his own mind to converse with, he’s learned on several occasions, is not beneficial to anyone much less Jean himself. 


        ❝When wouldn’t I feel like spending time with you?

☓| †*;     Grateful as he is, prideful disposition is a hard broken habit regardless of it’s proven uselessness on his comrade. If there were a person to withstand the ravings that barely is own ears would temperament, the elder boy was a saint to oblige.

 A hum of only slightly more amiable nature, passed though the nose, suggested leeway on his sulking.  

                                        “Today, tomorrow, yesterday?” 

(Source: treulos)